What are bad teeth?

Even though they may not seem it your teeth is more precious than the color of your hair or nails. Even though they may be hidden inside of your mouth their condition can reflect on how other people perceive you and how you look at yourself. Bad teeth are not something that anyone wants to deal with and it can cause you to have low self-esteem.

If you have bad teeth you may catch yourself keeping your mouth shut firmly when smiling or covering your mouth with your hand when you have to speak to someone else. Bad teeth can cause you to become withdrawn from everything and everyone that you love because you are embarrassed by the way you look.

Aside from superficial reasons why you wouldn’t want bad teeth there are real health concerns especially if you have several cavities or tooth decay. It can lead to infections in your mouth which can raise other health concerns, it can cause bad breath which is very unpleasant tasting or you would notice others covering their mouth when you speak to them.

Unless your bad teeth are breaking off or in such horrible shape that they cannot be repaired you will be happy to know there are options out there that can help give you a beautiful smile and your confidence back. The first thing to do is to start brushing them right away regardless even if you think your bad teeth are beyond repair. Continue brushing, flossing and using mouthwash until you can get into see your dentist.

Once you arrive for your dentist appointment they will take x-rays of your bad teeth to determine what needs to be done and to what extent. If the bad teeth are repairable they will put together a personalized plan to get you on the right track to a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. If your bad teeth have led to a lot of damage the dentist won’t be able to fix all of the problems at just one appointment and will need to schedule you for several more appointments in which he will do so much of the dental repair at each appointment.

There are many different types of procedures that can be done to repair bad teeth including fillings, caps, braces, retainers, root canals, partials, teeth whitening, extractions and much more. The price that you will spend on all of the fixes will depend on how damaged the bad teeth are. If they are all bad your dentist may recommend putting in partials for those that need to be extracted or possibly dentures if there is no saving them.

To prevent bad teeth you will want to adapt good oral hygiene as early in life as possible. By brushing on a daily basis you can prevent bad teeth from happening when you are older. There are many individuals who brush and floss on a daily basis and never receive a cavity. If you eat lots of sweets or sugary drinks you should always brush your teeth afterwards to prevent plaque buildup which causes tooth decay. By having regular dental checkups you can also prevent bad teeth from happening.

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