Whats is Clove Oil for toothache?

Clove oil has been used to treat toothaches for hundreds of years. Toothache pain is soothed and relieved quickly with clove oil and it is frequently mixed with zinc oxide to create a temporary filling to relive pain until a real filling can be placed with the hopes that a root canal won’t be necessary. This does not always work, but it is the hope that it will and sometimes it does.

You may find clove oil under the name eugenol or simply as clove oil at the pharmacy. If you are trying to treat a toothache with clove oil then simply soak a cotton ball in the oil and then place on the affected tooth for about an hour at a time. Generally, this is about as long as the oil will be effective and you will need to soak another cotton ball and then replace the old one. This may be continued until you are able to see a dentist.

Dental Care

When you have a toothache it is usually necessary for you to see a dentist as quickly as possible. Most of the time when you have a toothache it is a sign of something wrong, whether it’s a cavity or some other type of dental problem it most always won’t go away on its own. Because of this you will need to schedule a dentist appointment as soon as possible and simply use the clove oil to help you manage the pain of the toothache until your appointment. Travelers may find that carrying clove oil with them is a really good idea if they are not keen on the idea of having dental care in a foreign country. Otherwise, it’s just a great thing to have in your medicine cabinet because you never know when you might have a toothache. For some unknown reason, they seem to occur most at night and on weekends when the dentist is closed.

Toothaches are usually caused by injury to the tooth or gum, decay, tooth loss, infection, or another dental problem. There are some situations, too, where the tooth pain is not actually from a tooth but rather from the sinuses, jaw, or another part of the head that is transferring the pain to the mouth.

Remember, you can use clove oil to help you get over any toothache pain you may be experiencing but don’t put it off too much time before visiting the dentist or you may experience more pain and require more dental intervention than otherwise would have been required.


Clove Oil For Toothache

Clove oil for toothache is considered one of the most popular and most effective remedies available on the market today. It can be purchased easily or even prepared in your own household if you are unable to get to a pharmacy. The only thing that you need when making clove oil for toothache is olive oil and whole cloves. In order to use the clove oil for toothache you will need to blend each of the elements together until it’s a thin form of liquid. You can then apply it to the area that hurts and allow it to stay there for approximately 30 -– 45 seconds giving it time to start numbing the nerves of the tooth and the surrounding area to hopefully give you some type of relief. It can also help to heal any damaged cells or tissues around the oral cavities and helping improve immunity for them.

Most individuals who have used this will agree that clove oil for toothache is a great solution. It’s a vital antimicrobial that helps to work as a mediator to destruct or resist any type of fungal disease that may already be present or forming in your mouth. The clove oil for toothache has several minerals and proteins that release emulsifying acids for your oral cavity which will help to keep it fresh and clean once the pain has subsided.

The clove oil for toothache is a great reagent that can be used as often as needed. It will ease the inflammation and pain which is often caused by the toothache. It can even act as an antiseptic for your body by alerting your white blood corpuscles of the blood to prevent and fight against all antigens which cause contamination or infection.

There are many benefits to using the clove oil for toothache aside from just numbing the pain until you can see your dentist. It can help clean the digestive tract and keep it from harmful parasitic bacteria that often appear inside your mouth. This would help to prevent or eliminate future toothaches from occurring. It will act as a stimulant which will enhance the metabolism in your body. It’s imperative for the recuperation of energy, poor to fair blood circulation in your gums and physical fatigue that may occur.

The clove oil for toothache helps by releasing a numbing effect on the nerves below the tooth giving you long lasting pain relief. Normally there are no side effects when using clove oil to treat toothaches other than a bad taste or a bit of stinging when it’s first applied to the affected area. At times it may irritate the skin around the mouth but is rare. To prevent any type of side effect you should only use small amounts of the clove oil. You should never use large amounts of clove oil since it will do no more than what the small amounts can do for you.

If the clove oil for toothache does not help you then you will want to make a dentist appointment as soon as possible to find out what is causing the pain. The clove oil and any other type of over the counter toothache medications are only for short term results and should not be considered a permanent solution for severe tooth pain.

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