What is Cocaine Toothache Drops?

If you have a toothache you would likely receive some much needed relief from cocaine toothache drops. Yes, from cocaine toothache drops! These substances are not legal today, but many decades ago they were and were embraced by kids and their parents. It is quite surprising that when cocaine was first discovered it was considered to be a miracle drug and companies that sold products with cocaine as an ingredient actively advertised this. Other illegal drugs today were also used in preparations including heroin and morphine. In fact, morphine was used in a syrup to soothe infants and calm them during the early days.

Soon it was obvious that many of the products were habit forming and ingredients like cocaine, morphine, heroin, were removed from said products or they were no longer offered. That’s what happened to cocaine toothache drops because they weren’t effective without the cocaine! Coca Cola survived, but it also removed cocaine from its ingredient list.

The reason cocaine toothache drops were effective is because cocaine is known to be a local anesthetic that is quite effective. In fact, in the early days cocaine was used as an anesthetic. Today, cocaine is no longer used as an anesthetic by the medical field simply because it has side effects that are not desirable like mood elevation and euphoria.

As a result, cocaine toothache drops were popular with parents, kids, and everyone in between simply because they not only relieved the pain but they also improved the sufferer’s mood! There were even throat drops that contained cocaine to help teachers, singers, and others who spoke regularly to help their sore throat in addition to giving them extra energy and a mood booster.


There are many drugs today that are prescribed by dentists to assist with dental pain. However, these drugs are by prescription only so you will need to visit your dentist. There are quite a few natural remedies you might find helpful if you have a toothache such as garlic, onion, clove oil, and even an ice pack. What’s important is that you understand that when you have a toothache you need to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. The pain will not go away on its own and in most cases you will need some type of dental intervention whether it is a root canal, filling, or extraction. While you aren’t likely to find any cocaine toothache drops on the market today you will be able to get the care you need from your dentist if you simply make an appointment so don’t put it off!

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