What is a gold tooth?

Cosmetically, gold teeth are pretty popular. Used since the 1800s, gold tooth fittings have been implanted in countless people through the ages. Today while still popular, there are countless options available when it comes to getting dental crowns and tooth fittings.

A golden tooth is essentially a crown that’s been cemented over the old tooth in order to repair some major damage. Dental crowns are used as replacement teeth when the cusp needs major work and when the remainder of the tooth is in relatively good condition. For cosmetic reasons, gold teeth are popular, but crowns are never are never really used unless necessary as a preventative measure to protect the teeth.

These days thanks to the price of gold, gold crowns are frighteningly expensive when compared to the porcelain / ceramic alternatives. As a result, popularity is decreasing as they are simply too expensive. In some cultures however, gold teeth is a sign of wealth and you can see many older people sporting a full set of golden teeth

Owing to the fact that gold is one of the few metals that’s non-toxic, hard wearing and relatively hard, yet easy to mold, Gold is still popular. For many however, gold teeth are purely cosmetic and in fact removable. Known as ‘Grills’ it’s possible to order individual slide-on teeth, or even whole sets.

These grills typically involve simply making an impression and then sending it off to have the golden slide-on teeth made. Some are just plain, whereas others might be white gold, gold encrusted with diamonds or something similar. It’s proving to be a o popular look amongst hip-hop artists and celebrities.

The good news for those looking to simply repair a broken tooth is that golden teeth aren’t better or worse than their ceramic alternatives. The major benefit of ceramic crowns is that they’re invisible thanks to the fact they can be molded to the shape and color of your existing teeth. After the crown has been attached, it’s largely invisible.

Thankfully porcelain crowns last just about as long too. While gold crowns are extremely hard wearing, ceramic alternatives tend to be last just as long and be a whole lot cheaper. For those needing a crown for non-aesthetic reasons, ceramics really is the only practical choice, as today many dentists no longer provide gold crowns because they’re simply too expensive.

For people who have the cash to pay for a gold tooth, there are however still plenty of suppliers. Grills can even be bought online, as they’re essentially just a temporary denture that’s for cosmetic reasons only.

Regardless of the purpose, it’s important to ensure that make the correct choice for the right reasons. A gold tooth is no better than ceramic crown, and any dentist will tell you so.

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