What home remedies are there for toothache?

Even if you have never had a toothache before you will certainly be aware of the throbbing pain that is associated with a toothache when you do get one. Luckily, there are home remedies for a toothache that can help stave off the pain while you are waiting on a dental appointment. The following home remedies for a toothache should be tried until you find one that offers you some relief!


Garlic is a great way to relieve the pain of a toothache. Take some rock salt, just a bit, and a toe of garlic and place it on the painful tooth. Most of the time the garlic will relieve the pain and in some instances may even cure the pain. If you use garlic on a daily basis, but chewing a clove, then this will help keep teeth strong!


Did you know that if you chew raw onion for at least three minutes a day then it will kill all of the bacteria in your mouth? That’s a great way to promote a healthy mouth. If you have a toothache then you may place a piece of onion on the affected tooth and you should experience some relief in a short period of time.


Lime is great to add to your diet because it promotes healthy teeth and bones. When used during a toothache you will find it helps prevent toothaches, cavities, bleeding gums, and decay.

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is a wonderful mouthwash if you have a toothache. It is great for tooth decay, too. Chewing wheat grass is helpful, too, as it helps remove toxins from the gums and keeps bacterial growth at a minimum.

Bay Berry

Many people find a paste made of vinegar and bay berry bark help eliminate toothaches. Those looking for a natural remedy for toothache should consider applying a bay berry bark paste to the affected tooth/gums for quick relief.


Cloves are also great for treating toothaches naturally. It has antiseptic properties so it helps reduce infection. If you have a cavity then applying clove oil to the affected area will help relieve the pain.


Some people find that a toothache may be cured naturally with Asafetida. Pain relief is usually quite fast when Asafetida is used, especially when used in warmed lemon juice.  

When you have a toothache give one of these natural remedies a try. They just might help you relieve the pain enough to help you make it through until your dentist appointment!

Toothache remedies are important to know, especially if you wake up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain that won’t go away. Not to mention, you will need to know some toothache remedies to help get you through the day until you can get a dental appointment.

The best of all toothache remedies that you can do at home is place a cotton ball soaked in clove oil on the affected tooth. If you don’t happen to have clove oil then grind a clove and place the powder on and around the tooth. The clove won’t cure you, but it will reduce the pain. Since clove oil is a natural and easy way to ease toothache pain you should keep some on hand just in case. Another interesting remedy that can treat, and in some cases, cure toothaches, is wheat grass juice. You can find this juice in many stores and it will help greatly. You may even buy wheat grass to chew on and it will help you relieve the pain from your toothache. The grass draws the bacteria out of the tooth and it also keeps the bacteria from reproducing. This reduces and in some cases eliminates your pain.

Another toothache remedy you are likely to have on hand is that of a raw onion. All you need to do is cut yourself a little bit of raw onion and then chew on it for several minutes. It will soothe your toothache pain and it is also good to simply kill the bacteria in your mouth. This is a great way to reduce your pain, but it also cures toothache in some people. If the pain is too great to chew then you will want to simply place a piece of raw onion on the toothache and let it sit there. It will quickly relieve the pain.

When you have a toothache and are looking for a fast remedy and you don’t have any of the above items on hand, then you should try a saltwater mouthwash. The vast majority of people have both water and salt, so this is an easy toothache remedy. First, take lukewarm water and place some salt in it to dissolve. Then, swish the solution around in your mouth gently. This will cleanse your mouth, disinfect it, and provide you with toothache relief. It is easy to use again and again when you need to relieve your pain.

Another great option is to place some salt on a clove of garlic and mash it up some. Then, place it on the affected tooth. It will work as an anaesthetic and also relieve pain. When used on a regular basis, there are no other toothache remedies that are better than this one simply because this can provide relief and a cure.

If you don’t experience relief from these toothache remedies then you may want to make an appointment with your dentist. Additionally, if you develop a fever it is very important to schedule an appointment right away because the infection may have gotten into your bloodstream.

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