How to stop a toothache

A toothache is no fun at all and most people call their dentists right away. However, if you experience a toothache and can’t reach a dentist, it is after hours, or you simply can’t afford it, then you will want to know how to stop a toothache. Fortunately, stopping a toothache is not impossible and many times it is something you can do with the ingredients you have on hand.

When you have a toothache it could be because any number of things. For example, you could have a cavity or an abscess. You could have some food caught in your teeth or you may have been hit or in an accident. You could even have a toothache from a sinus infection. There are many other things that might cause a toothache, too, so there is no way to know for sure without seeing a dentist. However, you can stop the pain of your toothache before you visit the dentist and this is highly recommended for your personal comfort.

The first suggestion is to rinse with lukewarm water. Make sure you really rinse your mouth well so that if there is any trapped food it will be shaken loose by the mouth rinse. Many times this will work well enough to ease the toothache before you visit the dentist.

Another option to try is flossing. Many times you will be able to floss and remove any food that may be stuck in your teeth causing problems. Your gums will probably be pretty sensitive so take it slow and easy.

If you are experiencing severe pain a good solution is to take a swig of whiskey and let the tooth soak in the alcohol for a few minutes. After a couple minutes spit out the excess whiskey and enjoy a numbed tooth and less pain!

Salt water also does a pretty good job. Take a regular eight ounce glass of water and add one teaspoon of salt. Then, gargle, swirl, and basically swish for a few minutes. Spit it out and you will experience less pain.

You may want to try a cold hand massage to reduce the pain, too. Simply take an ice cube and massage it into the v shaped section between your forefinger and thumb. Do this for about five minutes and you will notice your pain diminishes significantly. This is because rubbing your hand uses the same nerve pathways your toothache does. If you are giving yourself a hand massage then these signals will outweigh the pain signals and you will be able to avoid the pain for a little while.

Remember not to bite when you have a toothache. Many times not using the tooth will allow it to heal quietly and return to normal.

You can also use ice to suck on several times a day. If you act like your toothache is a bruise then you will be able to relieve the pain somewhat. Just put some ice in the cheek where the affected tooth is. Leave it there until it melts and repeat every few hours.

If cold air is affecting your tooth and giving you a toothache then just keep your mouth closed. It really isn’t that difficult so do your best to keep your mouth shut and avoid letting cold air get in your mouth.

Make sure you swallow any aspirin you take. Don’t place it on your tooth because you could get an aspirin burn.

Use these methods to help you cure a toothache. It should relieve the pain enough to get you through the time before you dental appointment.

How to Stop Toothache Fast

If you have been looking for ways and wondering how to stop toothache pain fast then you are not alone. Unfortunately many individuals around the world suffer a toothache at least once in their life. The bad thing is that a toothache often occurs without warning which doesn’t give you any time to purchase anything for the pain. How to stop toothache pain fast can start by gently massaging the area with gently and then place a warm compress on it. The heat will hopefully give you a bit of relief.

If you are not a heat person and still are wondering how to stop toothache pain fast you may consider using a cold compress. Place the compress on the affected area leaving it there for twenty minutes at a time and then remove it for 10 -– 15 minutes before replacing it on the affected area again. Normally you should do this for about an hour at a time and may continue if it’s helping ease the pain. How to stop a toothache pain fast isn’t always easy so you should go with whatever helps best.

If wondering how to stop toothache pain fast is on your mind then the next thing to do is to wash your mouth out with warm salt water. By gargling salt water it will help to sooth the affected tooth and wash away any food or particles that may be caught inside your tooth around the gum area. If you remove the food particles from your tooth it may help to improve the pain.

If you notice any type of drainage from your tooth, increased bleeding or swelling it’s possible that you may have an infection. Tooth decay or an abscess is two common issues that affect those individuals who are trying to figure out how to top toothache pain fast. The problem with completely doing away with the pain is not knowing what is causing it. If you have an infection then you will need antibiotics to heal the tooth which will help with the pain.

Until you can make an appointment with your dentist you still need to figure out how to stop toothache pain fast otherwise you will have to deal with it until your appointment.  There are several over the counter medications that have been created specifically for toothaches. The majority of them come in either gel form or liquid form and can be applied using a cotton ball. You should leave the cotton ball in place on the tooth for at least 30 -– 45 seconds to allow the gum area and tooth to absorb the medication.

Clove oil is often used for those who are looking into how to stop toothache pain fast. This strong elixir comes in a small bottle and has a very strong smell and taste. Like other toothache medications it can be placed onto a cotton ball and should be held onto the affected area for at least 30 seconds. You should feel some type of relief within just a matter of minutes.

How To Stop Toothache Immediately

If you are currently wondering how to stop toothache immediately you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. Toothaches often mean that you have underlying conditions such as tooth decay or an abscess which both can be serious if not treated in a timely manner. If you have an infection you will want to learn how to stop toothache immediately and then head to the dentist to make sure you don’t need some type of antibiotic to treat and prevent any further infections from happening. If you currently have tooth decay or an abscess you may be experiencing severe pain but it can be controlled with different types of home remedies.

The first thing that many individuals would suggest on how to stop toothache immediately is to apply pressure to the affected area and then massage gently. If this does not help you may opt to apply either hot or cold compresses to either numb the nerves or to help relax the area around the tooth giving you the relief you need.

Once you have numbed the area a bit it won’t last long so you may be wondering how to stop toothache immediately if it starts hurting again. You can try rinsing out your mouth with warm salt water to assist with the calming of the nerves and to rinse away any food particles that may have gotten trapped inside your tooth or gum area. If you were eating or drinking something that was very hot or cold it could have hit a nerve and caused the pain. Should avoid eating or drinking for at least a couple of hours and avoid sharp foods all together until you figure out what is causing your toothache.

How to stop toothache immediately isn’t always easy so you may need to also use over the counter mediations in order to really relieve the pain. There are a few different types of over the counter medication that you can purchase when looking for a way on how to stop toothache immediately. This may include clove oil which is purchased in a very small bottle due to how strong the elixir is. If applied directly onto the affected area with a cotton ball usually the pain will subside almost instantly. Unfortunately clove oil may leave a bad taste in your mouth or sting when applying to the tooth so it may not be the right option for everyone.  The other over the counter toothache medications are just as effective but may work better for those who are sensitive to certain tastes. They are applied the same way as clove oil but can be done in larger doses if needed.

How to relieve a toothache is always different for everyone but may require over the counter pain medication as well. The most common and most recommend by dentists is Ibuprofen. However, before you choose to take any type of pain medication that you are not used to it should be discussed with a doctor or your dentist.

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