What is a loose tooth?

A loose tooth is a condition that whilst normal in children with milk teeth, is quite serious for adults. Normally a sign of periodontal disease or a recent injury, it’s a condition that needs investigation. Left untreated, a loose tooth might eventually need removal.

A loose tooth may be caused by a sports injury which is one of the few instances when a tooth might be able to heal itself. Usually when this happens, the tooth might feel loose, but in a few weeks it will return to normal. However, due to the risks involved – it’s important to use this advice only under the care of your dentist.

Unfortunately, a loose tooth might also be the signs of advanced gum disease. When the tooth becomes excessively loose, the only solution is to have the tooth removed by a dentist and to follow their advice in regards to minimizing the effects of further disease. Periodontal disease is a severe and irreversible condition which starts due to plaque and tartar and which for the most part is symptomless and invisible until you start seeing loose teeth.

Dentists can detect and treat periodontitis, potentially saving your teeth from becoming loose. With regular check-ups and the services of a dental hygienist, loose teeth really need not happen. Ultimately if you’ve started to suffer from a loose tooth, it’s vitally important to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Sometimes, people think that a loose tooth is simply a one off thing; in healthy people – you shouldn’t cause a tooth to become loose simply by eating food, it’s a sign of a serious underlying problem which needs immediate treatment. Visiting a dentist will allow him or her to diagnose whether or not it is advanced gum disease and then to offer you treatment such as root planning / scaling which will help minimize the damage and prevent remaining teeth from becoming susceptible.

For almost all dental illnesses and diseases, brushing your teeth regularly and visiting your dentist regularly are often all that’s needed to ensure that you won’t be suffering from cavities, abscesses, loose teeth and more. Indeed, while it’s impossible to predict an injury, good hygiene will at the very least ensure that the tooth might be salvageable.

While it might not seem like it, loose teeth also begin to cause a number of issues such as trapping food, affecting one’s ability to chew and causing other teeth to move. Because of this, no matter what caused the loose tooth, it’s important to visit a dentist to stabilize your teeth.

Sometimes this condition can be caused by a condition known as bruxism (tooth grinding) if you know you suffer from this, it’s possible to get mouth guards that you wear whilst you sleep in order to minimize the damage and protect your teeth.

When people have problems with a bad bite, often teeth can become loose as they move around. To prevent this, a dentist will repair the jawline by either using braces or removing extra teeth. Eventually, the situation will repair itself.

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