What is the best over the counter toothache relief?

There are numerous over the counter toothache relief medications that can be purchased from your local pharmacy, department store or even the grocery store. If you are currently experiencing severe pain from a toothache it probably started without any type of warning. Most toothaches happen when we least expect and can range from just a minor throb to the most excruciating pain that you have ever felt in your life. Also the pain from a toothache can increase within just a matter of minutes and if you have nothing on hand it may feel as though it will never stop hurting. If you currently have a toothache either visit your local pharmacy or send someone to purchase your over the counter toothache relief medication before it gets too out of hand.

Usually non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed to help with toothache relief. One of the most popular over the counter toothache relief medications is Ibuprofen. It helps to relieve not only pain but any swelling that may be visible as well. Normally you see Advil or Motrin as the two main types of Ibuprofen available on the shelves at your local pharmacy. The dosage that you take will depend on your age and weight. Normally you should two capsules every 4-6. You will want to make sure you do not take more than the recommended dosage to prevent an upset stomach.

In addition to the Ibuprofen you may want to consider a topical pain reliever which is applied directly to the affected area. There are several different brands available on the market but some of the most common used ones are Orajel, Anbesol or Clove Oil. These are fact acting solutions but only give a relief for short periods of time before you have to reuse the medication. Orajel and Anbesol can be used for individuals of all ages including babies, children and adult. They have specific types for each age group so make sure you buy the appropriate one. It’s usually purchased in a gel form which can be applied to the affected area by using your finger tip, q-tip or a cotton ball. The benzocaine inside of the over the counter toothache relief medications is what gives you the relief that you need.

The clove oil normally comes in a small bottle and can be purchased at organic food boutiques or pharmacies. It holds a very strong elixir so the amount needed is very small so never apply large amounts to the affected area using a cotton ball. You may choose to dilute the solution a bit by dipping it in water before applying it to your tooth. It normally begins to work within just a few minutes of being put onto the tooth.

This is the normal over the counter toothache relief medications that are used. Once you have taken the medications you should try lying on your side with a cold or warm compress on your face. By lying still hopefully it will allow your toothache to ease off and allow any swelling to return to normal if possible. Keep in mind when you have a toothache that is severe or persists for more than a day of trying the over the counter toothache relief medications it is probably time to call your dentist.

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