What is sinus infection toothache?

Do you have sinus infection toothache? If so, you probably are feeling throbbing in your upper teeth. This is usually caused by a sinus infection because the sinuses are located above your molars. Some of the roots of your molars may reach up to the sinuses. So, when you have inflamed sinuses then it is not uncommon for your teeth to throb and be painful. Many call this a sinus infection toothache and there really is no dental cure for this. Instead, when patients get their sinus infection cleared up the dental pain will simply disappear. If you think you have a sinus infection toothache then you likely have pain below your eyes, in the back of your head, and a general headache.

Dental Care for a Sinus Infection Toothache

Dentists may be confused if you make an appointment and actually have a sinus infection toothache in the case that you have tooth decay in your upper back molars or even a past filling. Unfortunately, a sinus infection toothache may result in a root canal, or several, if the patient is not specific in explaining his symptoms and the dentist does not review the past history and the onset of symptoms.

Treatment of Sinus Infection Toothache

Once it has been determined the main is a result of a sinus infection toothache then the patient may be prescribed antibiotics. Some doctors and dentists prescribe tetracycline while others will choose an alternative. One thing for sure is that many sinus infections are difficult to treat so it’s important for the patient to take the medicine as prescribed and for up to 10 days or longer depending on the severity of the infection. Inhaling steam can help relieve the sinuses as well as a salt water rinse. If you still have a sinus infection toothache after 10 days then you should see the doctor for a follow-up appointment that is more extensive and can help determine why the infection is not clearing up or if there is something else causing the sinus infection toothache.

Generally, if you have a sinus infection toothache you will feel the pain when walking, jumping, or any other kind of movement. However, when sitting still you probably won’t feel much pain. Of course, some people do but in general a sinus infection toothache is aggravated and throbs will movement. This is actually a great way to determine if you have a sinus infection or something else. Simply jump one time and if when you land your upper molars are throbbing it’s most likely a sinus infection! This does not apply to bottom molars.

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