What is tooth floss?

The use of dental floss is something that can have a significantly positive impact on our dental health. Despite this, not many of us actually take the time to use it as while it takes just a few minutes to brush our teeth; a good flossing almost doubles the time it takes each morning! However, given that it’s an effective way to remove trapped debris and plaque, it’s something that’s valuable and most certainly, worthwhile.

Effective flossing really is a worthwhile activity that should be performed by everyone thanks to the fact that it’s so good at cleaning your teeth. By flossing before you brush, you also gain the added benefit of allowing the toothpaste to get further into your teeth and thus, cleaning your teeth more deeply.

For many, flossing is uncomfortable and in some cases it can cause gum bleeding and even more. This is normally what happens when you floss incorrectly, or you start to use dental floss before you clear up that gingival gum infection. The secret to effective flossing is to find floss that’s the right size; to bend the floss around your teeth so the floss is shaped like a C; and also if it makes things easier, to try using what’s known as a floss pick.

Tooth floss picks almost look like tooth brushes, with a Y or F shaped head. From here you can apply dental floss making it a lot easier to get into the deeper parts of your mouth. For many, the use of a floss pick makes the job a lot simpler and quicker, but care has to be taken to ensure that you are not applying too much pressure and that you’re getting to the gums.

With the benefits of flossing, there are now even electronic powered, vibrating flossing picks that really can make the job easy. For those who have a bad experience with tooth floss; chances are next time you visit the hygienist, he or she can explain and perhaps even demonstrate the process.

Flossing really does clean your teeth effectively and it’s been around since Victorian times when they used to floss with waxed silk. Since that time, the material of choice has changed to Nylon which may or may not come waxed. The great thing is about modern floss is that it also comes in all sorts of colors and flavors.

Children over 12 should start flossing regularly and keep up this really healthy habit. Just like cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper helps to get rid of bad breath, flossing helps as well due to the fact it gets rid of invisible debris and plaque that gets stuck in between the teeth.

Daily flossing acts to protect your teeth and while it won’t let you stop visiting the dentist, tooth floss helps to keep your mouth in top condition. With dental floss costing next to nothing, there’s no reason why you can’t start flossing once a day to enjoy a healthier smile.

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