What are tooth Implants?

Dental tooth implants are commonly associated with tooth replacement by bridges, crowns or dentures. Effectively a tooth implant is an invisible structure that’s made out of metal and acts as the ‘roots’ of the new dentistry or prosthesis which attaches to it. Today, these implants are highly reliable, high quality and as they become more affordable, more and more people are opting for them over traditional dentures.

The biggest benefit of this type of implant is that it’s fixed permanently into the jawbone. Essentially it’s like a self-tapping screw in that the implant (normally titanium) is fixed into the jaw after the complete removal of the former tooth structures. From this framework, permanent dentures, bridges and crowns can be attached.

Up until recently, dental implants were tremendously expensive, but thanks to computer technology, prices are coming down drastically. Thanks to tooth implants, there have been a number of developments with denture technology with both permanent per-tooth denture implants and also semi-permanent dentures which instead of requiring adhesive, simply get clicked onto the dental implants.

The tooth implant procedure known as osseointegration has one major drawback and that’s that it generally takes a long time. Because of the fact it involves drilling an anchor into the patient’s jawbone, it can take anything up to six months to fully heal. In that time, the patient will be fitted with a temporary crown to protect the implant from damage and to hide the appearance of a gap.

For patients, dental implant insertation is a procedure that has many added benefits over dentures, traditional crowns and bridges. Due to the way that implants are inserted directly into the jaw, these implants are a great deal stronger and they allow people to eat virtually anything without problems. Unlike dentures which can be a nightmare if you like sticky foods or the likes, implants are permanently screwed into the jawbone meaning that they won’t get dislodged.

Today, implants are becoming popular choices to fix broken teeth or to replace an individual tooth that needed to be removed. Due to the fact that the crown that gets attached to the implant can be molded to match the exact color and shape of the old tooth, the new implants are virtually invisible, yet as strong as ever.

Implants seem like the miracle solution, but they are only suitable if your teeth are in generally good condition and you are free from periodontal disease which slowly eats away at the bone which holds the roots of teeth in place. Because the implants become the new ‘roots’ if oral tissues are damaged, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

Luckily however, most people can be suitable for tooth implants if they have a good standard of dental hygiene. Once installed, the implants become like real teeth in that they look real, they feel real and unfortunately – you also have to take care of them like real teeth. But for permanent teeth implants that can perhaps last a 20 years or more, they really are worth it.

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