What is tooth repair?

Fractures / broken teeth are an altogether too common occurrence, either through sports injury or something similar. Thankfully, you’d be surprised at just how easy it is for dentists to repair many of these problems. While many think that once a tooth’s broken, it’s irreparable, the tales of dentists cementing bits of teeth back together really are in fact true.

Normally, broken teeth tend to be pretty easily repaired as long as the person with the injury gets themselves to a dentist as quickly as possible. While minor breakages that are painless might not be so urgent, it’s important to get the tooth looked at and sealed in order to prevent bacteria from invading the dental pulp and eventually killing the tooth.

Thankfully, for most breakages if the pieces can be salvaged and are relatively clean breaks, a dentist can actually perform a tooth repair and re-cement them back on after cleaning the wound and applying a bit of dental cement. These ‘repairs’ are normally only possible when the break isn’t that deep or painful. When the break is a bit more serious, a crown can be applied to the tooth, saving the root and keeping the tooth alive.

Fractures / major breakages can be a real problem because of the way that they expose the inner core of the tooth. When this happens, you’d be amazed at how quick the tooth can die, and when you visit a dentist, the first thing they will normally do is to prepare a root canal treatment, because more often than not – the tooth will inevitably die. A root canal will kill the tooth, but also allow it to be saved. If the treatment is not performed, the tooth will unfortunately need removed.

Most breakages are nowhere near as bad as they seem. For many, crowns and in minor cases, dental filler can cosmetically repair the problem ensuring that not only does it look like no break has ever happened, but also that it’s not going to lead to any major infections / decay.

In some cases, breakages / fractured teeth can come as a result of major tooth decay thanks to dental cavities when tartar forms on the teeth. When this occurs, acid slowly eats away at the tooth, which eventually causes it to crack and crumble. While normally, teeth are filled to strengthen and protect them, this is only a temporary measure if good oral hygiene is not followed.

Even despite the fact that it’s a relatively severe condition, many people opt to simply neglect a broken tooth like it never happened.  Sometimes because they can’t visit a dentist, but when this happens – it’s actually possible to cement it yourself with temporary tooth repair kits which contain dental cement that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Temporary cement serves as a way to protect the tooth for up to a few weeks, giving you plenty of time to get to a dentist, meaning that there’s no excuse not to get your broken tooth seen to.

The alternative is potentially letting bacteria / infection form around the roots of a tooth. Not only will that tooth decay faster, it may also cause infection and even die. A visit to a dentist for tooth repair is relatively quick, painless and something that’s nowhere near as bad as you might think.

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