What is a tooth transplant?

The Transplantation of a tooth is actually not a new innovation at all; with the first such procedure having been carried out in the 18th century. However; since that time, dentists have learned a lot and while it was once thought that a tooth transplant could be done easily, it is in fact a rather complex procedure with a whole variety of limitations.

Just like any other part of the body, teeth are unique to each individual. Because of this, a tooth transplant can only be used if the dentist is transplanting teeth within the same person. In this case, the teeth that seem to work best (with 97% success rates) tend to be molar / wisdom teeth. While not a new development by any means, few people have ever heard of tooth transplants.

Just like crowns treat a variety of problems, a tooth transplant is highly valuable when someone loses a molar through decay or injury. For people who still have their wisdom teeth – these effectively act as insurance against that. However, a tooth transplant is a specialist procedure that is normally carried out at a hospital. It’s an expert procedure that needs the services of a surgeon. Because of this, it’s also quite expensive.

Children and teenagers perhaps have the most to benefit from tooth transplant technology as when their wisdom teeth grow in, they can be used to replace decayed molars which ultimately ends up in being a much better option than simply crowning a teeth.  Sadly however, tooth transplantation can only best replace molars.

The major benefit of a transplant of this type is that the transplanted tooth is for the most part completely intact. Compared to a crown which essentially reforms the tooth to fit the crown, a transplant ensures the interior of the tooth and its roots are untouched, which has major benefits on the longevity of the tooth.

For those who like the idea of tooth transplantation, there are in fact a few cryogenic ‘tooth banks’ that offer to store wisdom teeth and the likes so that when technology develops, new teeth might be able to be grown using stem cells or some other form of procedure.

Today however, tooth implants are just as a reliable alternative to a tooth transplant. These implants which are effectively a full crown on an artificial root serves as a permanent implant that really does look 100% natural. It’s a service that’s gained a great deal of popularity due to the fact that transplantation whilst possible is still a specialist procedure.

Comparatively speaking, the two procedures are completely different but they do offer the same end result. Implants allow any tooth to be replaced as long as there is sufficient periodontal bone, but tooth implants are great if it’s a molar that needs replaced with a healthy wisdom tooth.

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