What are tooth veneers?

These days, there are many cosmetic treatments available to whiten one’s teeth. Today, while crowns and chemical whitening seem to be seen as a really popular choice, another option that’s proving not only popular to dentists, but to patients also are tooth veneers. These long lasting ‘shields’ are similar to crowns, but they have the added benefit of requiring nowhere near as much preparation, making the procedure quicker, cheaper and also more effective.

The major reason that dentists like veneers over crowns is that teeth tend not to get damaged in the process. During the installation of a crown, the dentist might have to grind away at the structure of the tooth in order to create a good joint for the crown and in some cases, even a root canal will be necessary, but with veneers – they are simply adhered on top of the dentine layer.

Veneers, to the uninformed are essentially a thin layer of tooth-colored material that goes over the surface of the front of your tooth. This material, which is either made from a composite or ceramic, is completely invisible, and to the outside world – it looks like you have a perfect smile. Often, veneers are used to cover up minor defects such as gaps. The end result is a healthy looking set of teeth that really lasts decades, all for the faction of the price of a crown.

Today, veneers are hard wearing, good looking and worth every penny. They are permanent, invisible and for many, an essential tool in improving self-confidence and image. Having found popularity in Hollywood, some might argue that dental veneers are perhaps even a bit too popular, for many see veneers as a way to achieve a near instant ‘perfect’ smile.

From a cost perspective, dental veneers are cheaper than crowns, but being a cosmetic procedure, it can still be quite expensive depending on where you go for treatment and how many veneers you want. Luckily, there are a whole range of alternatives available, such as temporary veneers and even mail order solutions that can be removed and replaced whenever you want.

Dental veneers are perhaps the quickest form of cosmetic dentistry available, often taking just a few visits to get them fitted. After having impressions taken, the dentist will have a set of veneers made that will fit exactly on to your teeth. The procedure itself is actually painless.

Your dentist should be able to tell you the strengths and weaknesses of tooth veneers, as well as advise you on whether or not they’d be beneficial for your teeth. While in most circumstances they most definitely are, repairing healthy teeth with veneers can be like gluing a Band-Aid onto a wound that doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, the end results are amazing. For those that need a near perfect smile almost instantly, tooth veneers are almost perfect, but sometimes they can in fact overused. While it’s nice to simply fix the problems quickly, in many cases traditional orthodontics such as braces provide for a better solution that’s cheaper but takes significantly longer.

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