What are some toothache causes?

There are many toothache causes out there and most of the time it’s because the tooth’s root is being irritated. There are many toothache causes in this case that could be related to infection, decay, tooth los, injury, pulp death, or many others. There are some situations where toothache causes are completely different than what one would imagine. For example, heart problems, ear infections, TMJ, or sinusitis could be the cause of toothaches.

Toothache causes include dental disease. Plaque, dental decay, and gum disease occur because of the bacteria growing in the mouth. When the bacteria is left unchecked then the bacteria can grow out of control and cause toothaches that are quite painful. Because of this you should brush and floss on a regular basis.

Toothache causes can be prevented, however, by using fluoride toothpaste, brushing, and flossing your teeth twice a day or after every meal. Good dental health may also be promoted through twice a year professional cleanings. Cavities are prevented in many children through fluoride treatments and sealants.

 When the pulp is inflamed that is the biggest of all toothache causes. Since the pulp has very sensitive nerve endings they let you know quickly if they are affected by any stimulus. Cavities, infections, or other dental problems may result in a toothache.

Symptoms of Toothache Causes

Some symptoms you may experience include any pressure related pain or pain that result from exposure to cold or hot. Many times the pain will persist for several seconds even after the pain causing agent has been removed from the mouth. This shows the individual that there is a dental problem that needs to be taken care of. Pain may be felt in the cheek, jaw, ear, or other areas of the mouth when a tooth is infected or inflamed. Other symptoms include swelling, chewing pain, bleeding gums, and the like.

Remember, these are not the only toothache causes and if you experience a toothache the best medicine is to call the dentist and have it looked at. It might be nothing, but in most cases you will have some kind of dental problem that needs to be fixed. The sooner you see a dentist the more likely you are to save yourself money, pain, and extensive dental procedures to repair the damage. So, don’t put off your dental work even if the toothache is management. The pain can turn ugly in a hurry!

Just remember this information so that when you experience a toothache you will know how to treat the immediate pain and to schedule an appointment with the dentist so you can have the problem evaluated and treated.

Do you need toothache help? If you have a toothache then you probably do! It’s amazing that a tooth can cause so much pain, but they really can and it’s impossible to ignore toothache pain. The throbbing in your tooth can literally be excruciating and interfere with eating and other daily activities. That’s why it is so important to have toothache help if you have this type of pain.


Generally, when you experience toothache pain it is a direct result of something affecting the nerve of the tooth. In many cases this is decay that has broken down the dentin. There may be a tiny spot of decay on the outer portion of the tooth, but inside it can spread out much larger and damage more of the tooth causing significant pain.

The pain may result when you drink something cold or hot that results in a quick shot of pain that may longer. This means that there is nerve exposed to the things you eat and drink. This is different than people with sensitive teeth. And, if the pain from the toothache does not resolve on its own in a few moments and continues to throb then a root canal may be necessary.

Toothache pain may also result from eating sweet foods with sugar or even hot foods. If you have these signs and symptoms then it is a good idea to visit a dentist and find out what’s going on. Some people may have toothache pain due to a fractured tooth. Sometimes, an x ray can’t pick up on the crack and a special dye study will need to be conducted to find out what is causing the pain.

Getting Help

If you have significant toothache pain and need toothache help then you should first call your dentist. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible and let the receptionist know you are in serious pain. Most dentists will allow you to come in for an emergency or at the very least prescribe you some painkillers until you can be seen.

You may want to get toothache help through over the counter medicines. Many times taking a dose of ibuprofen is enough to help relieve your pain somewhat at least until the dentist can see you. Never take more medicine than is recommended and always follow directions. This is really important! Some other over the counter things you can buy include Orajel, Ambesol, and Oil of Cloves. These usually work best when you have gum pain, but can help relieve some of the pain associated with toothaches in some instances. Give these a try in the meantime when you are waiting on toothache help. They may not resolve your toothache pain, but they will help you manage it until you can see a dentist!

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