What is toothache death?

It’s just a simple toothache, right? Well, not taking a toothache seriously could result in a toothache death. Every year individuals die simply because they had dental problems that were not treated. As a result, the body becomes infected and it is possible for the infection to spread to the brain. That is pretty sobering news to many who think that while a toothache may be painful and uncomfortable that it is not really dangerous or something that requires urgent care for anything other than the pain.

In many cases, a tooth may be infected and without treatment the infection begins to spread. It stresses the body and the infection spreads causing death in some cases. Many times this occurs in children who do not get dental care or whose parents are unable to afford it. This is a sad state of affairs because tooth decay is one of the biggest health problems children face. Shockingly, by the time children are 11 years of age at least half of them have been affected by tooth decay. When they are 19 that number jumps significantly. It’s quite shocking, but toothache death is a reality that people should pay attention to. Knowing that an infected tooth could result in eventual death is enough to get most people motivated to see a dentist. However, many lower income families who don’t have the resources put the dental care off because they don’t have the means to pay for it.

Each year kids die because they had an infected or decayed tooth that was not treated. When the infection reached the brain the family was shocked at the state of affairs, but little more was left to be done. Many people are shocked when news like this surfaces, but all too often it does and there does not appear to be any real movement in trying to find more care for kids who need dental care regularly.

Preventing Toothache Death

Luckily, preventing toothache death is one of the easiest things to do. Teeth should be brushed and flossed twice a day, fluoride toothpaste should be used, and sugary foods and drinks should be avoided, especially at bedtime. Similarly, regular checkups with the dentist are necessary to ensure teeth are healthy and to catch any signs of decay early on before they can cause any real problem.

There is no reason for another person to experience toothache death considering that dental care is readily available. This is something governments should keep in mind and include within a universal healthcare plan to help kids who need it.

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