What is toothache medication?

When you are in need of toothache medication you need to go to the dentist, at least in most cases. That’s because the toothache medication that is most effective is a narcotic including oxycodone, hydrocodone, and/or codeine. These are analgesics that are frequently used with over the counter drugs, too, to increase effectiveness. These drugs cannot be purchased without a prescription so in order to get one you will need to visit the dentist. Many times you will also receive a prescription for an antibiotic, too. You may have a serious toothache and dread going to the dentist, but it is unfortunately your best option. Going to the dentist will allow you to determine what is wrong and how to fix it.

Another toothache medication that is prescribed frequently by dentists is Tylenol 3. This is Tylenol mixed with codeine to make it a great and effective toothache medication. There are other products that are quite similar and include Capital and Codeine, Aceta with Codeine, and APAP with Codeine.  Some patients may experience nausea with this drug, but not when taken with food so it really is a great drug for most people in need of toothache medication.

Another toothache medication some dentists prescribe is vicodin. This is acetaminophen mixed with a small amount of hydrocodone. This particular drug is not as common for toothache medication simply because it is highly addictive and many people become addicted to it each year.

Percocet is prescribed in some situations and it is a mixture of oxycodone and acetaminophen. The Drug Enforcement Agency controls this drug very closely and it is usually only prescribed after dental surgery where severe pain exists.

If you need a toothache medication it will be up to your dentist to decide on the drug based on your condition and pain level. Some patients will beg for a particular brand of drug, but this does not mean that is what your doctor will prescribe. That’s because dentist have to be careful about prescribing narcotic based drugs and will only hand out prescriptions for those who are in serious pain. Don’t expect a refill, either, when you are given the prescription unless you demonstrate the need at a follow up appointment.

Keep in mind, too, there are some toothache medications you can buy over the counter that will reduce the pain to some degree. You can try acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin, and numbing products like Orajel, Ambasol, and the like. These drugs will assist you with your pain until you can get something stronger from the dentist.

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