What is toothache treatment?

Are you looking for a toothache treatment? If so, you will want to read the treatment options discussed here. There are actually many different types of toothache treatment options out there. Some of the best are actually home remedies because they are things you can do at home, with little to no cost, and they work quite well. Some people scurry off to the dentist with the first little pain. For those who do this, they may receive a narcotic drug to help with the pain. Many dentists no longer prescribe these meds unless there is a really good reason as a result of all the misuse charges.

The following list of home remedies and prescription drugs will help you find just what you are looking for to help with your toothache treatment.

Home Remedies

One toothache treatment you can do right at home involves floss. This is especially useful if you have a toothache as a result of food in your mouth. If not, then this remedy will not work for you. The deal with floss is that it can help remove food particles from the mouth so there is no pain or irritation. It is important to floss gently because flossing too hard can cause the gums to bleed.
Another toothache treatment you can do at home is to simply rinse your mouth with a salt water solution. This is a really easy thing to do and you should give it a try. You can do this wherever you are no matter when the toothache appears.

Whiskey applied directly to the affected tooth is acceptable toothache treatment. Simply place the alcohol on the affected tooth and leave it there a couple minutes. This will definitely help you because it will numb the tooth and the surrounding area. Be careful using this remedy with small children.
Other people find that lightly flossing their teeth is a great way to remove toothache pain. You need to get toothache treatment in whatever way you can. This will be helpful to you and is worth a chance.

Prescription Drugs

When it comes to toothache treatment, prescription drugs are certainly your best option for great pain relief. The problem with prescription drugs for toothache treatment is that you need a prescription. This requires going to the dentist, getting a prescription, and then buying it. Many people do not have dental insurance so they have to cover all of their dentals costs themselves. This is quite difficult for some people and can really put a financial burden on folks who have dental problems and need strong medicine.

Some of the popular prescription drugs used for toothache treatment includes Codeine, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, and Percocet. There are others, and generic names for those already listed. The point is these drugs do an excellent job of numbing pain and helping patients cope with their dental problems. Unfortunately, these drugs are actually quite expensive without an insurance plan and people often times can’t afford them. Dentists should keep this in mind when making a prescription and give prescriptions with the generic name so as not to have a problem at the pharmacy.

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