What is wisdom teeth recovery?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be very painful and the wisdom teeth recovery may be just as painful. Without the proper care your wisdom teeth can cause you a lot of dental problems in the future. In order to prevent infection or gum diseases, you should have your wisdom teeth removed as soon as your dentist recommends it. If you take care of them now the wisdom teeth recovery will be less painful and require less time to recover from. When you first notice pain in the wisdom teeth area you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to see if extraction can wait or if it should happen immediately.

During the extraction process you will normally be given an anesthesia to help keep you relaxed and numb during the procedure. Your dentist will determine what type is best for you based on your age, height, weight and gender. Normally your gums will be cut in order for the dentist to extract the teeth and then sewn back together with stitches. These will play a big part in your wisdom teeth recovery. They help to keep the area clean and block any type of food particles from entering the tooth area and will also help slow down the bleeding which always occurs after an extraction.

After the dentist is finished with you he will give you a list of things to watch for or to avoid during your wisdom teeth recovery. There will be different things that you will watch for to make sure the wisdom teeth recovery is going as planned and no infection or dry socket seems to be taking place in your mouth.

Most dentists will give you a couple prescriptions to take home with you during your wisdom teeth recovery such as antibiotics and pain medication. The antibiotics are used to treat any current infection or to prevent future ones. The pain medication will be used to help get you through your wisdom teeth recovery. Once the anesthesia wears off you will feel a lot of pain so the pain medication should be taken before it wears off so it gives it enough time to kick in and give you the adequate amount of pain relief.

Unfortunately during the wisdom teeth recovery your mouth will be numb directly after the procedure so you won’t realize how bad it hurts until the numbness wears off. The dentist will tell you how to properly care for yourself during the wisdom teeth recovery period. You should avoid eating really cold or hot foods and drinks and sharp foods all together until your stitches are almost healed. You should also avoid using a straw or spitting during the wisdom teeth recovery because it can cause dry socket.

If at any time that you have questions after you have the procedure you should consult your dentist right away. This includes if something doesn’t look or feel right or becomes more painful that what it was. You should be feeling better within a few days of wisdom teeth recovery.

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