What is wisdom tooth surgery?

Often, an impacted wisdom tooth is a condition that can be painful, uncomfortable and most importantly, damaging to your teeth. Because of this, the most common treatment for people who have impacted wisdom teeth and other related problems is surgical removal. This procedure, which involves simply removing the affected teeth is simple, routine yet for some reason, wisdom tooth surgery is one of the most feared.

Indeed, it would seem that surgery to remove one’s wisdom teeth are perhaps the most unduly feared operation there is! The procedure is performed quickly, painlessly and you’ll be surprised to know that recovery is pretty quick too! Perhaps the reason people dislike wisdom tooth surgery is because of the fact that the procedure itself sounds pretty gruesome.

Thankfully, it’s not. When a surgeon removes your wisdom tooth, he might simply cut a flap in your gum and then cut the tooth into a few small pieces that can be removed easily. It’s quick and it can even be performed under local anesthesia. All in all, the procedure takes less than an hour and while there will be some swelling afterwards, the whole procedure is nothing to worry about.

Normally, wisdom tooth surgery can be avoided if your dentist is able to pull the tooth himself. Surprisingly, in some cases, getting the surgery might be less hassle, as often dentists will refer you to the hospital if the tooth looks like it’ll be excessively difficult to remove.

For those with a wisdom tooth problem, the good news is that surgeons only remove the tooth when it’s absolutely necessary. Due to the fact that the wisdom teeth grow in last, they can often come in with quite a few problems.  Wisdom teeth serve no real purpose, and in fact, many people don’t even have any, and they get along fine, so wisdom tooth surgery is no big deal.

Getting prepared for surgery is pretty straightforward, and just as you’d expect for any minor surgical procedure. Usually, it’ll involve around a day spent at hospital when you take everything into account, however if you have some complications which are rare, the doctor might keep you in for another day. In most cases however, wisdom tooth surgery is done on a day patient basis.

Today, many people think that if you have wisdom teeth, you’re going to have endless dental problems – that’s simply not true. It’s only those who have impacted / deformed wisdom teeth that need them removed, and most people with wisdom teeth have absolutely no problems whatsoever.

When wisdom teeth become impacted, they stop growing before they should, resulting in a tooth that’s part of the way there, but not fully. Sometimes that can result in a big hole in the gum, or a tooth that’s next to impossible to clean, creating a risk for infection and disease. Thankfully wisdom tooth surgery can remove the wisdom tooth, once again restoring your mouth to full health. If you have wisdom teeth problems, it’s important to see a dentist before it’s a problem, rather than after.

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