What is the best treatment for wisdom toothache?

Most people experience pain from their wisdom teeth at some point or another in their life. Wisdom teeth are not necessary and they cause more problems than they are worth in most cases. A wisdom toothache is caused due to the fact that most people do not have adequate space for the wisdom teeth to come in. As a result, these teeth will get positioned strangely and push against other teeth, become impacted, or simply create a major toothache! Since wisdom teeth are not necessary it’s better to have them taken out early on than later. This is the perfect procedure for teenagers to go through because they can recover faster and it is usually before the wisdom teeth create any major problems.


If you have an impacted wisdom tooth it is likely to have a pouch of gum over it. This pouch frequently causes significant pain and discomfort. Also, you could have a wisdom tooth that is positioned in a way that is pushing against other molars. In this case food could get trapped and cause decay as well as an infection in the wisdom tooth. If this goes too far then the wisdom tooth and second molar could both die, which could have easily been avoided by having the wisdom teeth removed earlier in life.

It is frequent for wisdom teeth to decay on the front side and create wisdom toothache that is quite painful and especially sensitive to cold or hot. Since many wisdom teeth come in crooked or in a strange position they cannot be cleaned like they should. As a result, the tooth frequently gets cavities or decays. This can create some significant dental pain as the teeth are so far back in the mouth that they are very difficult to brush.

The best treatment for a wisdom toothache is to simply have them removed. Wisdom teeth that have not broken through the gum line will need to be cut out by an oral surgeon. Some dentists can pull wisdom teeth that have erupted and come through the gum line but some individuals will still need to see an oral surgeon for removal especially if the roots are wrapped around other teeth. That’s why it is recommended for X rays to be taken periodically in preteens and teenagers to determine where their wisdom teeth are and if there will be a problem with them erupting or not. In many cases there will not be enough room and this will cause future dental problems. Most dentists refer patients of this age to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth surgery.

A wisdom tooth is usually the third and last set of molars that most individuals receive in their late teens or early twenties. However, the exact age in which people get their wisdom teeth may vary but if they are taken care of properly they should be healthy and aligned correctly. Unfortunately even with care you may end up with a wisdom toothache which can be extremely painful. Wisdom tooth often grow in the wrong angle which makes them adjacent from your other molars and cause damage to either r your other teeth or even your jawbone depending on how bad it is.

Often the best treatment for a wisdom toothache is to have it removed by a licensed dentist. However, if one isn’t immediately available you will need to try to take care of the pain until you can get in to see one. The bad thing about having a wisdom toothache is the location can leave you with not only a toothache but an aching ear or head as well. The longer it takes to treat a wisdom toothache the more intense the pain will often grow. This is something that you will want to avoid all together if possible.

If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed before they start hurting and you can get into the dentist right away it may take more than normal to ease the pain. Often wisdom toothache pain is a lot worse than a normal toothache especially if it’s infected or has grown in wrong. You should immediately try a few of the over the counter toothache medications which can be applied using your finger tip, a q-tip or cotton ball. While treatment for a wisdom toothache isn’t always easy it can be managed.

Most over the counter toothache medications come in either gel or liquid form which can supply you with immediate results once it has been applied and has had time to soak into the affected area. Clove oil is also something that many individuals swear help a toothache fast and effectively. You can purchase it at any pharmacy for around $5 and will a small portion to the affected area just like you would the toothache medication. It may leave a nasty taste in your mouth and may burn when it’s first applied but it works quickly to provide you with some relief. Clove oil costs about the same thing as regular toothache medication but may work better in the long run. You may try different types until you find one that works best for you.

Treating a wisdom toothache can be a headache all on it’s on so you want to prevent the pain from moving to other areas of your body. There is also over the counter pain medication which is often used for relieving tooth pain but you should always discuss it with your dentist or doctor before taking a new medication. Some medications interact with each other even if they are over the counter so be sure to talk to your pharmacist when deciding what type of treatment for a wisdom toothache you will go with.

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